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Photo provided by Ian M Spooner from Ian M Spooner Photography. Ian is a PhotoShield client.

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When you work in the photography business, you may often work alongside others. Whether this takes place with models or clients at your own studio, or at a location for an event like a wedding, it’s important to consider photographer liability insurance to protect your potential exposure if anyone gets hurt or property gets damaged as a result of your work.

At PhotoShield, we offer a range of business insurance covers including Public Liability cover, which offers protection if any claims are made against you. It covers your legal liability to pay compensation and it can include your legal costs and legal expenses too.

Protect yourself and others

As a professional photographer, you know accidents can happen all too easily on a shoot. From a wedding guest tripping over your equipment or you causing accidental damage to the venue where you’re working, claims can arise for a range of reasons. You could even be held liable if your business accidentally obstructs or interferes with any right of way, air, light or water. That’s why Public Liability insurance is so important.

We understand the different situations in which you could end up fending off a claim. So we’ll work with you to find the right cover for your photography insurance policy so you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

Just get in touch to ask us any questions and we’ll talk you through your Public Liability insurance options so you know exactly what’s covered.

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An important part of your photographers insurance

After 20 years working in the photography business, we understand the types of cover you will need as part of your photography or videographer insurance. Public Liability insurance is one of the most significant for both you and your clients’ expectations, and you may find that:

  • Your clients ask you to take out Public Liability within your photography insurance as a condition of working with you, especially when you’re carrying out a shoot on location. This gives your clients the peace of mind that if any property is damaged during the shoot, you’ll be able to pay for the repair or replacement.
  • Your local authority needs you to have Public Liability insurance cover so you can get a permit to work, depending on the location of your shoot and the nature of the work you’re contracted to do.
  • Any contract you sign may well require you to have Public Liability cover in place – even for the smallest of jobs.

So although Public Liability isn’t a legal requirement, we always recommend you add it to your photographer insurance to give you the peace of mind that your photography business is protected.

Limit your risk, whatever your business

If you are likely to work in any situation that involves a third party, then you should consider Public Liability insurance. In the same way Professional Indemnity covers protects you for professional mistakes, Public Liability protects you from accidents.

Whether your own photography business is large or small, any claims for compensation for a personal injury caused by your business could run into the millions. That’s why we offer a range of different limits as part of our insurance for photographers and videographers, which can be adjusted throughout the year to meet your changing needs.

We offer limits of £2 million, £3 million, £5 million and £10 million and we can arrange these on either an:

  • “Any one claim” basis – meaning the limit will apply to every claim you have during the period covered by your insurance policy.
  • “In the aggregate” basis, meaning that the maximum limit would apply to your account for the full year – keeping you covered for the full year if less than this limit is paid out.

To find out more, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Why choose Photoshield?

Photoshield is one of the UK’s leading videography and photography insurance specialists. Now we are part of the Performance brand, we have the knowledge, experience and network to find the videographer insurance that’s right for you.

We’ve been looking out for you behind the lens for over 20 years, so we understand what it takes to safeguard your business. That’s because we always listen to our customers. Our insurance for both photographers and videographers is flexible, competitive and framed to your needs. So if you want to put peace of mind in the picture, just give us a call.

We offer:

  • Over 20 years’ experience insuring photographers and videographers
  • Flexible payment options – choose to pay by monthly instalments or as an upfront single payment
  • A UK-based team ready to help
  • A range of covers, including photography equipment insurance, Professional Indemnity insurance, Employers’ Liability insurance and more
  • Cover at the click of a button using our online system – get a quote and buy your business insurance in just a matter of minutes.

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Ian M Spooner Photography

Photo description: It was taken at the Tramlines  music festival in Sheffield, waited a while to get the right people walking in front of the mural.

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