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Photo provided by Tim George from Tim George Photography. Tim is a PhotoShield client.

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Nothing captures the beauty of a moment like that perfectly timed shot. At PhotoShield, we’ve been behind the lens for more than 20 years, helping photography businesses of all sizes protect their equipment from the risks that come with the profession you love.

We offer picture-perfect photography insurance – specially developed for people who capture life’s moments as they happen. Whether you’re a professional photographer, videographer or run a studio, we’ll find you flexible and cost-effective cover that protects you and your equipment, whether you own it yourself or hire it out.


Client Spotlight
Tim George Photography

I have worked with my local water company (Anglian Water) for more than 30 years and they asked me to photograph an art installation that they were hosting where a laser beam was shone in a triangular configuration between 3 Water Towers situated several miles apart in Northamptonshire.

It was at its visual best during late golden hour and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome really. It has quite a strong sci-fi ‘feel’ to it although that certainly wasn’t the intention, but the client was very pleased and that’s all that really matters from any professional photo shoot.

I am a long-time Canon user and I recall that I shot it wide open (f2.8) for 30 seconds on a 16-35mm wide-angle zoom. I would have preferred to have opened a bit to say f4, but I was not using de-noise software in those days and I didn’t want a minute-long exposure.

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