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Photo provided by Louisa Purvis from Louisa Purvis Photography. Louisa is a PhotoShield client.

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Protect your exposure on client projects

As a professional photographer or videographer, you will often work on contracts for clients. As a rule, these type of contracts will require you to carry out a specific project and deliver it within a set timeline. While these generally go to plan, have you considered what could happen if something went wrong?

If you fail to perform or deliver on your contract, this could lead to serious issues. What’s more, if your client or a third party believes they have lost money as a result, it’s possible they could make a claim against you.

Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect you and your photography business from the cost of these claims – and it’s an important cover for any professional photographer or videographer.

A crucial part of your photography insurance

At PhotoShield, we understand the challenges professional photographers and videographers may face in the course of running your business – and that, sometimes, contracts go wrong. Whether it’s missing a key deadline, not getting the relevant licences for your work or making a mistake that threatens the project, it can be all too easy for serious problems to emerge.

That’s why we always recommend Professional Indemnity insurance if there’s a chance your client or a third party could suffer a financial loss if you can’t meet the terms of the contract.

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Specialist cover to suit your needs

We can include Professional Indemnity cover as part of your photography insurance – and our cover options are flexible. We’ll help arrange Professional Indemnity cover to suit the needs of your business, including providing protection for the EU, UK or worldwide, depending on where you work.

We can also offer different maximum indemnity limits. This refers to the maximum amount an insurer will pay in the event of a claim and we can offer limits ranging from £100,000 to millions of pounds.

Plus, you can choose to add limits to your policy on an:

  • “Any one claim” basis – meaning the limit will apply to every claim you have during the period covered by your insurance policy.
  • “In the aggregate” basis, meaning that the maximum limit would apply to your account for the full year – keeping you covered for the full year if less than this limit is paid out.

To find out more, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Why choose Photoshield?

Photoshield is one of the UK’s leading videography and photography insurance specialists. Now we are part of the Performance brand, we’ve got the knowledge, experience and network to find the videographer insurance that’s right for you.

We’ve been looking out for you behind the lens for over 20 years, so we understand what it takes to safeguard your business. That’s because we always listen to our customers. Our insurance for both photographers and videographers is flexible, competitive and framed to your needs. So if you want to put peace of mind in the picture, just give us a call.

We offer:

  • Over 20 years’ experience insuring photographers and videographers
  • Flexible payment options – choose to pay by monthly instalments or as an upfront single payment
  • A UK-based team ready to help
  • A range of covers, including photography equipment insurance, Public Liability insurance, Employers’ Liability and more
  • Cover at the click of a button using our online system – get a quote and buy your business insurance in just a matter of minutes.

Client Spotlight
Louisa Purvis Photography

Photo description: The photo was taken on a trip to Myanmar back in 2017. Two novice monks came along to the Hsinbyume Pagoda in Mandalay whilst we were photographing it, which made for great photos!

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