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Who do you trust with your gear?

23 April 2019

Whether it’s a wedding where a family member is asked to keep an eye on your bag, or a photowalk where a lens is generously lent to a fellow photographer, specialist insurers PhotoShield have important advice for the summer.

Make sure you’re covered!

Dedicated pro insurance from Risk Alliance can cover equipment used by employed staff, including part-time operators and assistants. You can also include cover for items you borrow or rent, or lend or hire to others.

If you are likely to do anything such as hiring a second shooter and asking them to bring their own camera kit (“must have Canon full frame” – you’ve seen the ads and Facebook requests) you should check that your annual insurance covers this, to the right value.

Be warned that unless your wedding or other contract has appropriate terms written in to it, the client or venue may have no responsibility for damage or theft of equipment. Use venue baggage rooms or secure offices, your secure vehicle or theft-proof tethers for cases. Never just ask a client’s family, wedding guest or friend to look after your kit while you are concentrating on the shoot.

If you do lend anything to a photographer on a photo walk or at a workshop or model shoot, be sure you know them well and don’t let anything be passed round. The police will not treat the loss as a theft if you have handed something to a third party with no receipt or agreement, and your insurance will not cover it.

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