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Weighing up risk and reward

4 July 2018

Digital reflex camera (DSRL) with the front lens broken.

Photographers heading for news hot-spots should always make sure their equipment is going to stand the heat – or take a soaking. Leading pro insurers Risk Alliance Photoshield can cover your expensive electronics and glass whether you are documenting a wildfire or out on the water in the height of summer.

However, it’s vital to use the right gear. Many cameras now used by professionals and freelances are rated as ‘dust and moisture proof’ but if you read the small print, they are not proof against falling rain, wind-blown sand or smoke. Even cameras you can use a metre or two underwater lose their promise of sub-aqua performance if the water is flowing, or you swim with them – movement increases the water pressure. Getting hit by a jet of water from kids in the garden with a hose can be the same as diving to 10m.

Investing in underwater housing, rain capes, silicon rubber camera body armour, clear protector filters and gear rated as shower proof or dust proof – not just ‘resistant’ – means your working kit insured for professional use is properly covered. You have used it in conditions the manufacturer rates it for, or taken steps to protect it.

Photoshield policies, powered by Hiscox, can cover your land and sea activities and include public liability and professional indemnity with legal support – vital if you are shooting in public spaces, at festivals, sports events or anywhere this summer’s high season brings photography into contact with crowds.

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