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    Reading your insurance policy

    24 May 2019

    Insurance policy documents can be dozens of pages – but it’s important to read through them carefully to make sure you are not breaking any of the conditions of cover.

    PhotoShield insures thousands of UK professional and enthusiast photographers. The range of cover is considerable, not surprising when one pro may be employing second and third photographers and flying to Ibiza to shoot for club promoters but another is semi-retired and exploring the landscape by car.

    Key points to consider are the extent and duration of worldwide cover, if needed; public liability at home and abroad; security requirements for your vehicle, and alarm systems.

    You should look at the cover agreed for business premises, home, garden studio, car, garaging, goods in transit, goods in trust or hired, and for working in industrial environments like building sites.

    If you rent commercial premises, your lease may be ‘fully insuring’ placing the responsibility on you for building and contents. If so provide a copy of the lease or rental agreement to your insurers and they can make sure the cover matches the terms. Then make sure you read the policy!

    How high do your shelves go for storing things? Check! Your insurer may insist nothing is stacked closer than a certain distance to the ceiling, to reduce fire risk. If you use a lock-up studio or can’t open due to travel or illness, the insurer may want a weekly or daily premises check by a keyholder.

    So don’t just check the policy, talk through your requirements and understand your responsibilities as well as the benefits of comprehensive cover from PhotoShield.

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