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Have you recorded your serial numbers?

12 February 2019

To reduce on-line fraud, photo equipment makers are using very small serial numbers often on parts which can’t be changed, instead of places like the front rim of a lens. Even if you can’t find a number at first, all cameras and lenses and many accessories do have one.

It’s important to keep a document recording your serial numbers, say photo insurance specialists RiskAlliance PhotoShield. Along with purchase price, it is the basis for a schedule of insured equipment given to your insurer, and helps you keep track of assets and transactions for tax purposes.

With March 29th approaching, whatever customs arrangements the UK has with Europe a list of gear taken for work or holidays abroad is essential. Many countries now limit the value you can bring with you, and some also limit what you can take out. Without a carnet – which may also need copies of receipts – you could have equipment confiscated. Though this should not happen in Europe, better to be sure. Record everything needed and share it with your insurer.

Take photographs with the serial number visible before sending items in for repair, part-exchange or sale – and remember to include a figure for goods in transit in your insurance policy in addition to using an insured carrier.

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