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    Don’t lose your keys!

    29 July 2019

    Every business has vital keys. They could be your actual keys to the door, your key working equipment or your key personnel.

    Insurance to cover the key aspects of your photo business is vital, say specialists Risk Alliance PhotoShield.

    Hardware should be insured to match its use. Your mains studio flash may never leave the studio, but new hybrid battery powered units will go on location or travel abroad. Make sure your policy is updated if you switch to new types of more portable lighting.

    Your computer records may be a key to keeping running, and so may you and anyone working for you. You should insure against data loss, key man (or woman) illness or accident, and other ‘business interruption’ if you depend on your photo business for your livelihood.

    As for actual keys, the best insurance is to have spares cut and kept in a key safe you can get to if you lock yourself out. Studio or shop insurance will cover you against a break-in – but not if you have to force a door or break a window to get in yourself!

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