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    Covered or not?

    12 June 2019

    This summer you may be taking camera kit on holiday. Your professional or enthusiast insurance, say Risk Alliance PhotoShield, should be set up to cover all you working outfit for travel for the number of days and the geographical limits you expect to stay within. Keep a record of your travel and compare it with your policy. If you have exceeded any of the conditions, just call your insurer as a small additional premium will fix that problem.

    But what if you also have travel insurance from a bank or credit card, or a separate policy included with a travel deal?

    Don’t double insure, it can make both policies invalid! You may have a personal camera not used for work, like a GoPro or a tough underwater compact. You may have a second phone or tablet for travel, to reduce the risk of theft of loss of one loaded with all your business information.

    Give your domestic travel insurer details of these, and don’t list them on your business insurance. If you do take any working gear abroad, don’t count this as covered by holiday insurance. It’s fine to have two policies if they clearly cover different items.

    Remember, if you travel to countries such as the USA where professional photography requires a work visa you need to stick to the rules. Don’t take on any paid work, even if your pro insurance could still cover your equipment and public liability. Holiday travel medical insurance may not cover emergency treatment for accident or injury as a result of working.

    If in doubt, call PhotoShield to make sure that you and your camera kit are properly insured for whatever type of travel you plan from walking at high altitude to scuba diving, balloon trips to game reserves – whether on holiday or on a working expedition.